[COSRX] Cica Powder

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  • Intensive care powder for red angry spots
  • Mix with any skincare products to maximise effect
  • Soothing calming
  • Recover blemishes and breakouts
  • 7 g.

Pairs perfectly with all skincare products to create an optimal synergy effect for sensitive skin.

Mix the powder with your skincare product and create your own customized texture.

Goes well with serum, ampoules, moisturizers, and even with the One Step Pads.

An intensive care powder enriched with 1,1000 pp of Pure Fit CICA-7 Complex, 2500 ppm of Green calamine and natural Clorella Powder to directly calm red, inflamed spots and promote the recovery of blemishes and breakouts. Simply apply a moderate amount of the powder onto the spot using a cotton swab.


  1. Dispense the Cica Powder onto your palm by lightly tapping the bottom of the container 1 - 2 times.

  2. Throughly mix with an appropriate amount of toner or serum and apply the mixture evenly onto the skin.

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