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Pyunkang Yul ACNE line targets acne with thin texture and gentle ingredients to suit sensitive skins. The toner has three main actions:

  1. Remove dead skin cells for a soft skin texture. White willow contains salicylic acid (BHA) and tannin, which cleans the remaining dead skin cells and waste after cleansing the skin. The ingredient leaves skin afflicted with acne clean and readjusts an irregular turnover cycle.
  2. Sebum control and antibacterial effects. Matricaria extract inhibits sebum from being generated, the root cause of clogged pores. It also relieves acne by controlling inflammation with its anti-inflammatory effects. Tiger lily contains matairesinol glucoside with outstanding antibacterial effects, curbing acne bacteria from growing.
  3. Minimize pores and promote skin regeneration. Madecassic acid effectively minimizes pores, leaving them recovered and clean. It also contains copper tripeptide which is a natural peptide to cure damaged skin tissue and help to regenerate skin affected by acne. 

After wash, apply a moderate amount on skin using a cotton or your fingers. Just lightly pat.

150 ml.

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