[HEIMISH] Low pH Hydrating Sheet Mask

[HEIMISH] Low pH Hydrating Sheet Mask

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The pH of your skin is slightly acidic (5.5). When the pH of the skin is maintained at a slightly acidic pH of 5-6, an optimal environment is created in which the skin doesn’t get damaged. Very acid skin are usually oily skin with a pH of 5 or less. Dray skin are usually around 7.1 or more which is too alkaline. So you can protect your skin with low pH skincare products. 

The Low pH Hydrating Sheet Mask from Heimish has 3 main actions for a good skin health.

1. Strong Moisture Solution, Skin Immunity Shield Mask: It contains slightly acidic pH 5.5 without irritation & 20% of strong moisturizing solution.
2. Ultrafine Microfiber Sheet Moisture Synergy Care: Perfect adherence of soft touch and enhance absorption of essence.
3. Skin Condition Recovery Program: Soothing for the skin, strong moisture to protect the skin.

Bring the mask to the center of your face. Smooth onto cheeks with palms. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove the mask sheet and pat gently to absorb surplus serum.

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