[ALIVE LAB] Redspot Lemon Powder

[ALIVE LAB] Redspot Lemon Powder

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The Red-spot Lemon Powder is designed for use after the Centella Dressing Powder to brighten and clear post-breakout patches. Formulated with lemon extract and lemon oil, the Red-spot Lemon Powder is designed to renew and soothe while brightening darkened areas from those pesky breakouts. Super easy to use—just give it a tap and combine with your favorite product for the ultimate post-trouble care product any time throughout the day and say goodbye to those pesky little spots. The Red-spot Lemon Powder is perfect for correcting darkened spots from break outs or for brightening the complexion overall.

After cleansing day & night, mix the Red-spot Lemon Powder with your favorite skin care product (toner, cream, etc.) and apply to desired areas.


  1. The Red-Spot Lemon Power is a highly concentrated vitamin. When using for the first time, mix a small amount of powder (about the size of one grain of rice) with your skin care products and apply to desired areas.
  2. Do not apply the power directly to the skin.
  3. Do not use on purulent acne and/or acne-prone skin. The Centella Power is recommended for calming acne.
  4. Do not use on days a scrub, peel, or other form of exfoliant has been used.
  5. Follow up with a sunscreen when using during the day.

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